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Feb 8th-10th - Snow Science & Safety
Mar 8th-10th - Health Care
Apr 27th - Landscape Design and Architecture

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In recent years our program has expanded, and our clothing/outdoor gear needs have dramatically increased. We are requesting donations of any warm clothes and outdoor gear.

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Colorado State Forest State Park

Colorado State Forest State Park is an amazing location any time of year. A field trip to this mountainous environment allows students to sleep in tents or in cabins depending on size, season, and availability. The State Park is located about 2 hours from Fort Collins and just 1.5 hours from Laramie, Wyoming making this a great option for schools close to Northern Colorado.

While at Colorado State Forest State Park teachers can design a field trip including science topics of aquatic ecology, forest ecology, earth science, or snow science. While hiking students can also participate in a series of teambuilding activities but nothing can serve as a better teambuilding experience than a field trip camping experience with Keystone Science School.

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