Technology, SketchUp, Build-A-Thon, & Training Teachers

SSC Triangle Triage

Keystone Science School will be hosting a teacher training on Friday, March 16th on the utilization of SketchUp a 3D modeling software. Click on the link to learn more.

Technology, SketchUp, Build-A-Thon, & Training Teachers

Keystone Science School teaches a wide variety of programs and many of them are focused on getting our students outside and engaged with the outdoors. It’s our mission to inspire curiosity and critical thinking through the lens of science. Given our background within outdoor and environmental education we often have a great deal of conversation about technology. With our society being more connected to technology we often strive to detach students. While this is one school of thought, we also understand that technology can be an amazing tool allowing for people to communicate, design, and make our world a better place.

At Keystone Science School we strive to use technology as a tool and a supplement to our programming. One of our newly adopted tools is a 3D modeling software designed by SketchUp. The technology allows students to create 3D models of almost anything they want. They can see all aspects of an object and change the colors, texture, and materials used to create the object. The software even allows a student to share their ideas within a virtual reality platform.

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Girls in STEM Build-A-Thon 2018

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Keystone Science School is hosting our Girls in STEM: Build-A-Thon for any female student grades 3-9th grade, on Saturday, March 17th. The program is grant funded through several generous donations. You can find more information and register at the following link.

Virtual Reality Birdhouses: Girls in STEM: Build-A-Thon

Keystone Science School (KSS) has a long-standing Girls in STEM program focused on eliminating the gender gap within STEM careers. Architecture and design is just one of the many sectors dominated by men. With this goal in mind KSS is excited for a new partnership with SketchUp and Colorado Parks and Wildlife for our 2018 Girls in STEM: Build-A-Thon, on

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Meeting a Tree

SMS Natural Resources Day

Over the course of three days this fall, 280 sixth graders from Summit Middle School ventured beyond the walls of their downtown Frisco facility to Keystone Science School’s small woodsy campus across the reservoir.The early October mornings were crisp but quite sunny, and everyone enjoyed striking views of Buffalo Mountain and the rest of the Gore Range. Over the course of each day, the various field groups tackled questions like “how do changes in environmental conditions affect what lives in an area?” and “What makes an ecosystem healthy?” while exploring the woods that they call home.

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Girls of the Gore

girls of the gore 1

The Summer of 2017 was a summer of firsts - for me personally and for Keystone Science School. For me, it was my first summer living and working in Colorado. For KSS, it was the first summer there would be an all-girls wilderness trip: Girls of the Gore.

Both my co-leader, Sara, and I were excited to be leading the first ever all girls trip at KSS. Sara was one of the wilderness leaders who proposed the idea at the end of the previous summer, so she was excited to see the idea come to life. I have worked with all-girl populations throughout my career and always found it super rewarding. I was looking forward to the new experience of an all-girls backcountry trip.

We were off to a rainy start as we loaded up our backpacks in the van and left KSS and civilization behind. We drove to Cataract Lake to camp for the night; we would head into the backcountry the following morning. Upon arrival at camp, we taught the girls how to set up their tents and went over the basics of backcountry cooking. It was a summer of first for our girls as well, as most of them had not been on a wilderness trip before; these outdoor skills were new to them. After dinner, we played a “Women in the Outdoors” trivia game to start the conversation about barriers women face in the outdoor industry. The girls enjoyed the competition and surprised by some of the statistics. Did you know that Outside Magazine’s photos only feature women 11% of the time?

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Looking back at Key Issues Institute 2017 from Alison Roper

IMG 0249There is a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr., that says, “If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way”, and this quote perfectly describes the Keystone Science School and my experiences in its teacher education program this past month.  So few people become well known for their generous acts of charity, however, each person can do their small part that will synergistically combine to help make this Earth a better place for all living things that inhabit it.

I teach at Immaculate Heart of Mary School in Towson, Maryland and I was given an opportunity to attend a professional development in Keystone, Colorado that was generously sponsored by W.R. Grace, a company that develops high-performance specialty chemicals to improve products and processes of customers around the world.  This company is based nearby in Columbia, Maryland.

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