Girls in STEM: Health Care

By Carrie Scheick, Program Coordinator

Girls in STEM has a goal of inspiring young women to engage with STEM subjects throughout their education career. Our next Girls in STEM program is April 27th and has a focus on careers within landscape design and architecture. Check out our website to register.

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Our Girls in STEM Health Care program last weekend was certainly one to remember! This program was incredibly impactful thanks to our program partners - Summit Orthopedics, Kaiser Permanente, Colorado Mountain College, and St. Anthony Summit Medical Center. With their help, this experiential learning program was taken to a whole new level. It was so encouraging to meet and interact with local professionals in the medical field; we learned that there are a lot of different options in the way that you can care for people.

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Girls in STEM: Snow Science and Safety

By Carrie Scheick, Program Coordinator

Girls in STEM has a goal of inspiring young women to engage with STEM subjects throughout their education career. Our next Girls in STEM program is March 8-10th and has a focus on first aid and careers within the healthcare industry. Check out our website to register.

Snow pits, avalanche dog demonstrations, and cross-country skiing, oh my! This month we kicked off our 2019 Girls in STEM programs learning about Snow Science and Safety.

On Friday evening, we had two professional STEM Mentors present about their careers. Lindsay Wiebold, Arapahoe Basin Ski Patrol, shared about her work on the slopes keeping guests safe and completing anything having to do with ski area avalanche mitigation. She shared her medical and rescue training, as well as her previous ski patrol experience. She taught the girls about snowpack stability and created an avalanche model with sugar, flour, and a shoe box.

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There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather, Only Bad Clothing

Keystone Science School is soliciting outdoor gear for our students and campers who do not have the appropriate outdoor clothing for their outdoor education programs. We have more information on our website about the details of the items we are requesting. You can drop off any donated gear at Keystone Science School or Epic Mountain Gear in Frisco.

IMG 0456There’s the common sentiment of “there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” We all know that adventuring outside with the proper gear makes the experience much more enjoyable. Think about the last time you played in the snow and had cold hands and feet.

What was more memorable, the views or being cold? It was probably being cold. Does this memory affect your decision the next time it’s cold when deciding to go outside?

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Top Reasons To Come To Summer Camp At Keystone Science School

color war summer camp keystone science school

Hot Pink Gorilla and Grape Ape sightings
Captain Zero saves the day
Making new friends
Accomplishing challenge hikes
Lifelong memories
Sharing a moment at Candle or Snack Chat
Fun science experiments
Sliming your counselors
Winning the CLAW games
Saving campus from zombies during Campocalypse
Performing your talent in the camper talent show
So many different programs to choose from
Rafting the Arkansas River
Looking through a 14-inch reflecting telescope
Singing songs at the campfire
Filling up your bead necklace
Getting to become a Counselor Assistant
Choosing your own activity at Camper Choice
Building an entire chipmunk village

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Oh Nuts

An explanation of how KSS handles peanut allergies.

Our Kitchen camp kss

At Keystone Science School we take the well-being of our campers and students very seriously. We understand that children have a wide variety of needs which includes allergies and any dietary restrictions. At KSS we have noticed an increase in food allergies among the campers and students who participate in our programs.

Just as it is important to differentiate our teaching techniques to meet the many learning styles we also tailor our food preparation to meet the many dietary restrictions our students face.

Please click this link for a more detailed description of how we handle a variety of dietary restrictions. Within this blog post, we would like to highlight our handling of one popular food item which is an increasing allergen, peanuts.

Peanuts are a very common food allergy among our participants. In an effort to manage these allergies we deemed our campus a peanut free campus a few years back. We continued to research and learn about peanut allergies from research, our participants and parents.

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