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Ellen Reid
Ellen Reid
Executive Director

Ellen's first experience with Keystone Science School was in 1992 when she applied to become a camp counselor. Coming from the flatlands of Florida, and having no experience in the outdoor mountain environment, she wasn't surprised that she didn't get the job.  But, KSS was a place that continued to intrigue her.  When she and her husband returned to Colorado after a brief time in Virginia, she re-connected with KSS and worked for a couple of months as a School Programs Instructor.  Soon after, she was hired by the School's then-parent company, The Keystone Center, to work as a Senior Associate in the Professional Education and Leadership division.  There, she worked with educators on several innovative professional development institutes and honed her administrative and facilitation skills. In May 2007, Ellen was thrilled to be offered the position as the Keystone Science School executive director.

Prior to her tenure at the Science School and The Keystone Center, Ellen taught middle school science and math in Boulder, Colorado.  She also served as a Program Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters while in Virginia. Summers found her outside leading students of all ages on wilderness trips throughout the world and guiding incoming University of Colorado freshmen on backpacking trips with the CU Outdoor Program. Ellen graduated from the University of Colorado where she attained BS degrees in Journalism and Biology and a Master's degree in Education, with a focus on experiential learning.

She and her husband live in Breckenridge and have two children.  They enjoy playing in the outdoors at any chance they get.

How Ellen defines Science. Adventure. Fun!

Anything applicable to the outdoors: earth science, geology, biology, natural sciences

Long backpacking trips to remote places, international travel, Motherhood!

Costumes, silly songs, dance parties, knock-knock jokes