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Megan Adamson
Megan Adamson
Director of Education
(970) 368-4291

Megan’s first experience at Keystone Science School was as a visiting 5th grade student doing a snow science winter program. Many years later, she graduated with a degree in Natural Sciences, specializing in Biology Education with a Science Teaching License. While teaching middle school science, Megan brought her class up to Keystone Science School for the annual outdoor education trip. After witnessing the immense impact learning in the outdoors had on her own students, Megan decided to enter the world of outdoor science education and joined the Keystone Science School team. Megan started as a summer camp head counselor and education instructor during the school year. After working as the staff manager for the KSS Ed Team, Megan departed the organization to get experience with other organizations this work.

She has worked in Northern California and Jackson, WY directing programs, building curriculum, and mentoring educators. After a few years away, Megan is so excited to be back where it all began and is ready to learn more from KSS. When Megan is not at work, you can find her exploring in the mountains while skiing, hiking, and mountain biking with her husband James and dog, Kaia.

How Megan defines Science. Adventure. Fun!

Science: Exploring, asking questions, wondering, making observations, making connections, asking more questions.

Adventure: Being slightly out of your comfort zone.

Fun: Silliness, laughing, spending time with others.