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Roberto Paniagua
Roberto Paniagua
Customer Experience Specialist

Roberto holds a degree in Communication from the University of Puerto Rico. He worked for an event production company where he was certified as a co-producer and gradually moved into marketing. His past experiences in a 50% travel position allowed him to gain experience in different markets around the world.

Roberto moved to Summit County, CO from Puerto Rico in 2018 as part of his post-graduate curriculum in the marketing field. Roberto’s first experience at Keystone Science School was as a Bilingual Specialist allowing KSS to broaden its message. While working with KSS he finished his Master’s Degree in Business Administration- International Marketing and began his new position as a Customer Experience Specialist.

How Roberto defines Science. Adventure. Fun!

Science: Asking questions, making observations, reviewing and updating past knowledge.

Adventure: Safely taking part in the natural world that surrounds us.

Fun: Everything that brings a smile to me or others.