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Looking forward to the year ahead

Campaign for KSS donors 3.4.14As I drove into work today I reflected on the fact that it is already March – how did that happen so quickly? It seems like just yesterday we were ringing in 2014 and now there is already talk of Spring and all the fun we have planned for this summer. March is a significant month for KSS, it marks our one year anniversary. Exactly a year ago Keystone Science School officially became an independent non-profit organization. I look back on the last year and feel relieved and excited. At times it seemed like we couldn’t keep up with all of the changes and extra workload of becoming independent, but now with hindsight, I look back with gratitude for all the support we received. Thanks to all the hard work that was put in by staff, volunteers, donors, and the community as a whole, KSS is stronger than ever. I look forward to the year ahead with excitement and a new found strength.

Be sure to mark your calendars with all the fun events we have coming planned in 2014!