Meet the Summer Camp Staff

Our day camp staff spends each day of every week ensuring campers get the opportunity to learn, experience, and grow through a summer of Science, Adventure, and Fun! Each week has a unique theme whether it’s centered around a scientific concept or adventure activity. The theme-based weeks allow campers to go in depth with a subject for the entire week.

The members of our day camp staff are dedicated to engaging with campers around the academic challenges of the week, approaching each activity and supercharged adventure with energy and silliness, and helping campers develop swimming, rock climbing, and hiking skills as they explore Summit County.

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Wednesday Overnights Give Independence and Peace of Mind During Day Camps

EARLY BIRD PRICING: If you register for the overnight prior to June 10th it’s only $85! The price rises to $99 for those who register for the overnight the week of camp.

Throughout the summer all our day campers have the opportunity to spend Wednesday evening on the Keystone Science School campus! The Wednesday Overnight is intentionally designed to help children develop their sense of independence, social and emotional intelligence, and strengthen the friendships they developed earlier in the week.

wed overnight 2

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Leadership Learned on Wilderness Adventures

Keystone Science School is always focused on creating amazing experiences for students and campers. A common phrase among staff is “we change lives.” While this is a lofty statement we always work to create positive experiences, which are impactful long beyond program participation. Our adventure programs such as the Keystone Mountain Adventures and Keystone Voyagers have a unique opportunity to develop leadership skills which can be applied to almost all aspects of life.

keystone voyagers adventures colorado 001

One of Keystone Science School’s newest staff members Logan Maclean has been working tirelessly developing new curriculum for our wilderness adventure programs aimed to help teens develop leadership skills as well as wilderness skills. This new leadership curriculum will be embedded into each Keystone Mountain Adventures and Keystone Voyagers program.

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Gender Specific Programming: The Benefits of All-Girls Environments

By Carrie Scheick, Program Coordinator

Keystone Science School offers a few specific programs in with gender-specific groupings including Girls in STEM and Colorado Great Sand Dunes Keystone Voyager. All programs with gender-specific programming include curriculum dedicated to breaking down barriers of participation. Read more about the research and our planning process with regards to our programming.

“Girls in STEM has helped me learn more about STEM careers and it makes me feel like I could go into one of those careers.”

– 2018 5th grade Girls in STEM program participant

kss gender specific programs 1

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Beyond the Classroom: Exploring Environmental Issues

Keystone Science School (KSS) is offering a 2-day teacher training, Beyond the Classroom: Exploring Environmental Issues, June 6-7, 2019. Teachers will learn the KSS non-biased framework for exploring controversial issues within the classroom. Meals, lodging, and digital copies of all lesson plans are included. CEU’s are also available for an additional cost.

keystone science school beyond the classroom 01

“Polarized” is a word that creeps into almost all aspects of our life. Education can provide students with opportunities for the development of personal opinions and more importantly strategies of collaboration and consensus building. It’s not just about forming opinions but communicating those opinions and being open to a wide variety of perspectives.

For over 46 years, Keystone Science School (KSS) has had the mission of inspiring curiosity and broadening perspectives and been achieving this through our school field trip programs, camping based programs, and summer camp programs. With this mission in mind, we have developed several curricula focused on engaging students in the study of contentious issues.

Through these curricula, students explore all sides of an issue and learn about the importance of meaningful dialogue and collaboration when developing solutions to these controversial topics. We have taken this student curriculum and developed a framework which can be used by any teacher to lead their students in an issue-based unit. For over the last 25 years we have been training teachers on this framework, providing each teacher with the skills and lessons to go into their classroom and explore challenging topics within their classroom.

The next teacher training, Beyond the Classroom: Exploring Environmental Issues will be held on June 6-7, 2019. Teachers will receive curriculum and training to explore local and regional issues using Keystone Science School’s non-biased framework. Participating teachers will receive a complete set of lesson plans allowing teachers to facilitate an issues-based curriculum within their classroom. Teachers are also provided dedicated time towards designing their specific curriculum to be used in their classroom. With the assistance of the Keystone Science School education team, all participating teachers will walk away with their unit planned and ready to implement in their classroom.

keystone science school beyond the classroom 02

Specifically, teachers will learn how to identify stakeholders, conduct field-based research, and gain background information to support policy recommendations within a chosen environmental issue. The closing activity will be a “Town Hall Meeting” which will allow students to collaborate across differing opinions as they develop policy recommendations within the topic they are exploring. We will be using the regional issue of water management in a demonstration of our issues-based curriculum. CEU’s will be available to all teachers through the Colorado School of Mines.

Beyond the Classroom Details
Location: Keystone Science School
Dates: June 6-7, 2019
Cost: $100 with additional cost for CEU’s
More Information: (970) 468-2098 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Address: