Girls in STEM Film Festival Mentor Feature: Nancy Degnan

Keystone Science School partners with Breckenridge Film Festival to teach participating girls about how to break into the male-dominated film industry. This program is for any female student grades 3-12th grade. Students can register on the Girls in STEM webpage.

nancy degnanThe mentors of our Girls in STEM events are an integral part of not only the programs they support, but also in encouraging young girls to enter STEM fields and opening their eyes to career paths they may not have considered prior to the program.

One of our STEM: Film Festival Mentors, Nancy Degnan, believes it’s important to have women in the film industry because they bring an equal but different perspective to not only the workplace, but art.

“We [women] see nuances that men often don’t, as men see things that we may not,” Nancy said. “We have a unique sensibility that is integral to society. The film industry creates a space for society to be entertained, to be reflected, seen, expressed. If we don’t have women in this industry, women across the world get left out of the cultural moment and narrative. It’s a necessity to have everyone represented by media for this reason. The only reason films exist is because people need them. People have needed art since the beginning of our existence. It should exclude no one, especially over half the population.”

When Nancy Degnan moved to Los Angeles, she was working three jobs. Until she met Film Producer Julia Eisenman.

“We had coffee and I expressed my passion for filmmaking, acting, and writing, and she hired me on the spot!” Nancy said. “[She] walked me down to the production office for a movie she was working on and introduced me to everyone.” She was hired as an assistant and that was the beginning of her path behind the camera.

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Keystone Science School has also been nominated Best Place to Work in Summit County!

Keystone Science School is honored to have been nominated as the Best Place to Work in Summit County! In the last 10 years, there has been a dramatic increase in staff, expanding from 6 full-time and 10-25 seasonal staff to 22 full-time staff and over 65 seasonal staff members depending on the season. The staff at Keystone Science School is what creates KSS Magic! While there are some new buildings on campus, buildings are not the reason campers, students, and teachers return year after year, it’s the amazing staff! The nomination comes not only because of the attention to culture within the organization but also because of the work environment. We are intentional with community building, a physical work environment, and organizational policies.


In March, we moved into an open office space in Tieken Place for the first time. The open office allows us to have a more easily accessible and collaborative work environment and to see much more of each other than we did before. With an open office, there really are no secrets at KSS! 😊

best place to work

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Keystone Science School has been nominated for Best Non-Profit in Summit County!

best of summit logoKeystone Science School is grateful for our community and honored to have been nominated for Best Non-Profit in Summit County! It’s truly each and every camper, student, and teacher we interact with who make this organization so special. We always strive to listen to the needs of the community and make an impact through our programs and mission.

The After School CATCH program is one example in which Keystone Science School has truly listened to the needs of the community and done whatever we can to meet those needs. Based on community surveys, communication with parents, and staying in touch with School District needs, we have learned about the importance of after school care for our working families. In order to meet this need, Keystone Science School has worked with many community organizations to offer the After School CATCH program.


Not only is this program each day after school but is offered on a sliding fee scale. This offering relies on KSS to fundraise over $225K annually just to support our community through this program. While it is a challenge to fundraise and continually hire over 15 staff members to serve this program, it is a challenge worth tackling.

best non profit catch

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Lights, Camera, Girls in STEM: Film Festival!

Keystone Science School partners with Breckenridge Film Festival to teach participating girls about how to break into the male-dominated film industry. This program is for any female student grades 3-12th grade. Students can register on the Girls in STEM webpage.

The film industry is predominantly male, but there’s a national movement to change that. Keystone Science School and Breckenridge Film Festival are partnering to engage young women with a variety of careers in the film industry.

Girls in STEM: Film Festival, designed for girls 3rd-12th grade, is a program allowing each participant to be a part of a film team which will produce a short film with the support of female film professionals who are attending the Breck Film Fest.

girls in stem film festival 1

The short films will screen during a special, free, and open to the public program during the Breck Film Fest at the Breckenridge Theater on Sunday, September 22nd at 12:30 pm. This screening is part of a four-day festival showcasing more than 100 films, special events, outreach activities and more that attracts several thousand participants to the authentic mountain town of Breckenridge each year.

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Limited Summer Camp Space Available

Updated July 16, 2019

If you are still searching for late summer plans for your child, look no further! We currently have limited, first-come first-serve, availability on the following day and overnight summer camp programs. If you experience a waitlist while registering online, please call (970)468-2098 for current availability.

summer camp group

Day Camp Availability

Twinkle & Stellar Day Camp - Ages 5-10

Week 7: Play it Physic-cool! (7/22-7/26)
Jump up, jump up, and get down! In this week of fascinating physics, explore why things that jump up must come down.

Week 8: Shiver Me Timbers! (7/29-8/2)
Climb aboard our pirate ship as we voyage upon Lake Dillon. Learn where all that water comes from and where it goes, or ye’ll be walking the plank.

Week 9: Fanatic for the STEM-actic (8/5-8/9)
Campers will test their skills in design and creation, this session will be full of Maker Space activities, pine box cars, catapults, and Roller Coaster designs.

Week 10: Celebration of Curiosity! (8/12-8/16)
Let loose your curiosity in the last session of the Summer of Curiosity. Let’s find out what makes each camper unique, and celebrate our different cultures.

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