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Counselor Assistant Program (CAP)

For Students Entering Grades 9-12

The Counselor Assistant Program (CAP) is a mentorship program for our high school aged campers that focuses on leadership development and prepares them to be future staff members. Each CAP will be given a staff mentor for the week upon their arrival who they can check-in with and learn from throughout their session. CAPs will have special leadership trainings, activities, and exclusive programming just for the CAPs.


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Session Dates & Rates

Enroll & Access Account
  Dates Dorm/SRV Rate Details
Session 8 & 9 July 26 to August 6 $2,499/$2,525 Deluxe Discovery Camp Deluxe is double the science, adventure, fun! This 12-day program is jam-packed with adventures and unforgettable camp traditions. This program also includes the famous CLAW games, our version of a color war. Discovery Deluxe is an extra special program for our CAPs. Not only is there more time for leadership programming and development, but CAPs also have a special role during Deluxe. During Deluxe is when the CLAW games occur and the CAPs become CAPtains during this special competition.


Discovery Expeditions

Grades 9-12

Due to logistics around health and safety, we are only offering the CAP program for the Deluxe session. Consider our Discovery Expeditions which run all Summer long. Challenge yourself on our most extensive and exciting Colorado backcountry adventure that focuses on leadership development and wilderness skills.



Lodging Options

Snake River Village (SRV) - Rustic Canvas Tents

If sleeping under the stars and falling asleep to the calming sounds of the Snake River sounds like summer camp to you, then look no further than Snake River Village. In Snake River Village campers sleep in canvas wall tents, each with 4 beds, adjacent to the beautiful Snake River. Our tents are on raised wooden platforms and each camper gets a cot and room to store their belongings. The tents are a short walk from the bathrooms, showers, and dining hall. They even have their very own campfire pit!

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Log-Style Dormitories

Discovery campers have the option of staying in our log cabin-style dormitories, featuring bunk beds, restrooms with showers, and community space. There are two different dormitories both of which are centrally located on our campus. There are two campers per room, and counselors stay in a room off of the community space.

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Our Staff

twinkle day camp colorado wed overnight

All Discovery Camp staff go through two weeks of comprehensive training, have been background checked, hold a Wilderness First Aid/CPR/AED certification at minimum, and have gone through extensive risk management training.

Drop Off and Pick Up Info

twinkle day camp colorado wed overnight

More Info Coming Soon

Drop-off and Pick-Up

Drop Off: 12pm
Pick Up: 11am (I.D. Required)

Keystone Science School is American Camp Association Accredited

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