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2021 Summer Discovery Expeditions

For Students Entering Grades 9-12

Our Discovery Expeditions explore Colorado’s stunning parks, monuments, and wilderness areas while focusing on leadership development. Gain independence, appreciation for the natural world, and lifelong friendships while cooking together and sleeping in tents in austere backcountry settings. Every expedition engages the same core curriculums of leadership, decision making, and outdoor living that prepare our next generation of leaders.


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Dates, Rates & Description

Enroll & Access Account
Session 3 Waitlist June 21 to 26 $1,099
Session 4 Waitlist June 28 to July 3 $1,099
Session 6 Waitlist July 12 to 17 $1,099
Session 7 Waitlist July 19 to 24 $1,099
Session 8 Waitlist July 26 to 31 $1,099
Session 9 Waitlist August 2 to 7 $1,099
Session 10 Waitlist August 9 to 14 $1,099

Backpacking involves carrying everything needed on your back— including clothes, tent & sleeping bag, and food-- to thrive for multiple days in the wilderness. The challenge is felt literally on your shoulders, while the reward of cooking in the backcountry with your friends, sleeping in your tent with the sounds of nature, and getting away from modern amenities is immeasurable. Learn packing technique, navigation skills, and backcountry cooking. The wilderness produces unique opportunities for leadership development. Whether it’s managing the group’s navigation, taking initiative helping someone with the weight of their pack, or helping to cut vegetables for the night’s meal, the social skills we develop on the trail transfer to school, sports, and future careers.

What is Backcountry Camping?

Wilderness camping, or backcountry camping, refers to when we are camping away from our transportation in a primitive or unestablished campsite with only the things that we carry with us. This means we will carry everything from our clothes and sleeping bags to tents, food, and cooking gear. The challenge of carrying everything on our backs is rewarded by getting further into the wilderness than possible through hiking for only a day. Campers will sleep in tents in small single-gender groups depending on the size of the tent. We will do our best to accommodate tent-mate requests, but we can not guarantee them.


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On Discovery Expeditions, you will learn the ins and outs of cooking in the backcountry. Armed with a backpacking kitchen kit, you will take a turn preparing meals for the group. We will provide ingredients to meet the needs of any dietary restriction noted in registration paperwork.

Our Staff

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Discovery Expeditions staff go through comprehensive backcountry training in order to deliver safe and exceptional programs. All Discovery Expeditions staff have previous experience leading groups in backcountry settings, have been background checked, hold a Wilderness First Responder certification at minimum, and have gone through extensive risk management training.

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Pick Up & Drop Off

Drop Off: 10am
Pick Up: 10am (I.D. Required)

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