Girls in STEM - Snow Science and Safety


Girls will learn about snow science and a wide variety of careers within snow safety and snow science. After learning how to cross-country ski the girls will learn about many aspects of snow science including the different forms of snow grains, snow metamorphosis, and the many layers within our snowpack.

Throughout the weekend, girls will also learn about careers within snow safety and snow science from female professionals working in the field, known to the program as STEM Mentors. Our STEM Mentors not only share their career knowledge but also work with girls about how they overcame the gender gap within their career.


When: 2/8-2/10, 2019
Who: Girls, Grades 3rd to 8th
Where: Keystone Science School
Rate: $175
(includes lodging, meals, programming, and use of supplies and technology)
Scholarships Available for $50

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Sample Schedule

Friday, February 8th
6pm Arrival & Program
7-8pm STEM Mentor Presentation
Saturday, February 9th
8-9am Breakfast
9-12pm Cross Country Ski Lesson
12-1pm Lunch
1-5pm Snow Science
6-7pm Dinner
7-8pm STEM Mentor Presentation
Sunday, February 10th
8-9am Breakfast
9-11am STEM Mentor Presentation
11-11:30am Parent Presentation and Pick-up

Why We Need Girls in STEM

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According to the National Education Association, “girls who learn in all-girl environments are believed to be more comfortable responding to questions and sharing their opinions in class and more likely to explore more ‘nontraditional’ subjects such as math, science, and technology.” Read More


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Female STEM professionals support each program and student by giving them guidance to navigate a male-dominated workforce. Volunteer for a program!

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