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2021 Discovery Overnight Camp

For Campers Entering Grades 2-8

Campers will create lifelong friendships, explore and learn about the natural world, and gain leadership and wilderness skills. Each week is a mix of traditional overnight camp experiences and Colorado adventures with campfires, nature hikes, wilderness camping, tie-dye, songs, skits, summiting mountain peaks, Hot Pink Gorilla sightings, archery and so much more!


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Session Dates & Rates

Enroll & Access Account

Most Discovery Overnight Camp sessions are now on a waitlist! Middle Schoolers (Entering Grades 6-8) are encouraged to check out overnight Adventures.

  Dates Dorm/SRV Rate Details
Session 1
Waitlist Only
June 7 to 12 $1,099/$1,125 Wondrous Wildlife We will use the scientific process to investigate signs of local wildlife and the Hot Pink Gorilla. What clues will we find? What evidence will we uncover? The search is on!
Session 2
Waitlist Only
June 14 to 19 $1,199/$1,125 Mountains, Minerals, and Mines We will build foundations of earth science by learning about the rock cycle and the natural processes that shaped our beautiful mountains. We will also investigate Colorado’s mining history and have our very own camp Gold Rush! Don’t take this session for granite…
Session 3
Waitlist only
June 21 to 26 $1,199/$1,225 Aquatic Investigations We will dive deep into the wonderful world of water. Campers will get their feet wet catching critters that live in streams and learn about aquatic ecosystem health. We will also learn about watersheds, where the water we use comes from, how we use water and how we can conserve it. Let's make a splash!
Session 4
Waitlist only
June 28 to July 3 $1,249/$1,275 Extreme Engineering We will explore engineering basics and complete exciting STEM challenges using the Design Thinking Process. Campers will imagine real-world applications such as renewable energy, electronics, and structures. Ready, set, invent!
Session 5
*Grades 2-6
Boys Space Avail.
July 7 to 10 $699 Art in Nature We will admire nature's beauty through an artist's perspective. Campers will draw their artistic inspiration from the earth and create art using several different media and natural materials. Let's paint happy little trees together!
Session 6
Waitlist only
July 12 to 17 $1,249/$1,275 Astronaut Training We will take one small step into understanding our solar system, and one giant leap into space exploration with our astronaut training program. Campers will train with the solar telescope, rocket testing, and an understanding of space. To infinity, and beyond!
Session 7
Waitlist Only
July 19 to 24 $1,249/$1,275 Austere Adventures We will embark on austere adventures and learn essential outdoor skills such as the Leave No Trace Principles, navigation, and survival tactics. To cap the week, campers will encourage each other on a Summit County hiking adventure that will push them outside of their comfort zones. The mountains are calling, let's go!
Session 8 & 9
Waitlist Only
July 26 to August 6 $2,499/$2,525 Deluxe Discovery Camp Deluxe is double the science, adventure, fun! This 12 day program is jam packed with adventures and unforgettable camp traditions. This program also includes the famous CLAW games, our version of a color war.
Session 10
Waitlist Only
August 9 to 14 $1,099/$1,125 Fabulous Filmmaking We will learn basic videography techniques and how to tell an engaging story through film. Campers will work in small groups to create and act in their own nature documentary that will be premiered at the end of the week. Lights, camera, action!

Sample Schedule

  • Monday
    Welcome to Camp

    Drop Off
    Move in, Unpack, Group Games
    Welcome to Camp
    Cabin Time, Candle Chat Group Discussion, Optional Astronomy
    Lights Out

  • Tuesday
    Earth Trek

    Sunrise Celebration
    Earth Trek
    Lunch on Trail
    Feet of the Floor Rest Hour and Snack
    Camp Activities: Tie Dye, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Science, Sports
    Big Group Game
    Cabin Time
    Lights Out

  • Wednesday
    Wilderness Backpacking & Camping

    Wilderness Group Packing and Preparations
    Wilderness Adventure
    Lunch on Trail
    Set Up Camp Site
    Learn Wilderness Skills
    Tent Talks, Candle Chat Group Discussion
    Lamps Out

  • Thursday
    Challenge Hikes

    Wake Up, Breakfast, Pack up Camp, Begin Challenge Hike
    Celebrate Success Group Discussion
    Return to Camp
    Feet off the Floor Rest Hour
    Mellow Meadow: Archery, Free Play
    All-Camp Photos
    Science Investigation
    Cabin Time
    Lights Out

  • Friday
    Adventure Day

    Leave for Adventure
    Return to Camp, Feet off the Floor Rest Hour
    Theme Costume Dinner
    All-Camp Photos
    Camper Talent Show
    Cabin Closing Ceremony, Camper Awards
    All-Camp Closing Ceremony
    Lights Out

  • Saturday
    Closing Celebration

    Cabin & Camp Clean Up
    Big Group Game
    Parents Arrive
    School Store Open


Campers earn beads for everything they do at camp, this way campers leave with a necklace full of achievements and memories.


Our campfires are all about coming together with songs, skits, and s’mores to get campers excited and comfortable on their first night of camp.

Earth Trek

Earth Treks are all about exploring the natural world around us and diving into curriculum through fun experiments and activities.

Challenge Hike

Campers will push themselves outside of their comfort zones on difficult hikes in beautiful locations. Read More

Candle Chat

We close every day at camp around the flame of a candle where we reflect on our days and form a safe community to have powerful conversations. Read More

Talent Shows

Each session campers have the opportunity to show their skills in our end of the week talent show.

Lodging Options

As with any year, KSS is allowing friend requests within the dorms and Snake River Village. Because these groups are single gender in the dorms and mixed-gender in Snake River Village we are only permitting mixed-gender requests for Snake River Village. We are also working hard to make sure that each group is composed of campers of similar ages. We ask that no friend requests are made if campers are more than 2 years apart in age or grade. See our KSS Campus Map for lodging locations.


Snake River Village (SRV) - Rustic Canvas Tents
(Grades 4-6 Only)

If sleeping under the stars and falling asleep to the calming sounds of the Snake River sounds like summer camp to you, then look no further than Snake River Village. In Snake River Village campers sleep in canvas wall tents, each with 4 beds, adjacent to the beautiful Snake River. Our tents are on raised wooden platforms and each camper gets a cot and room to store their belongings. The tents are a short walk from the bathrooms, showers, and dining hall. They even have their very own campfire pit!

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  • snake-river-village

Log-Style Dormitories
(Grades 2-8)

Discovery campers have the option of staying in our log cabin-style dormitories, featuring bunk beds, restrooms with showers, and community space. There are two different dormitories both of which are centrally located on our campus. There are two campers per room, and counselors stay in a room off of the community space.

  • keystone-science-school-camp-lodge-dorms-01
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  • keystone-science-school-camp-lodge-dorms-05

Our Staff

twinkle day camp colorado wed overnight

All Discovery Camp staff go through two weeks of comprehensive training, have been background checked, hold a Wilderness First Aid/CPR/AED certification at minimum, and have gone through extensive risk management training.

Drop Off and Pick Up Info

twinkle day camp colorado wed overnight
Drop-off and Pick-Up

Drop Off: 12pm
Pick Up: 11am (I.D. Required)

Keystone Science School is American Camp Association Accredited

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