Discovery Camp

Our classic 6-day program includes everything one would hope to have at summer camp: campfires, nature hikes, wilderness camping, tie-dye, songs, skits, summiting mountain peaks, Hot Pink Gorilla sightings, archery and so much more! Your child will return feeling accomplished, tired, and excited to tell you all about it.


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Session Dates & Rates

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 DatesDorm/SRV RateAgesDetails 
Session 1 6/8-6/13 TBD 7-14 Geology More info coming soon.  
Session 2 6/15-6/20 TBD 7-14 Water More info coming soon.  
Session 3 6/22-6/27 TBD 7-14 Physics More info coming soon.  
Session 4 6/29-7/1 TBD 5-10 Introduction to Discovery More info coming soon.
Session 5 7/6-7/11 TBD 7-14 Astronomy More info coming soon.  
Session 6 7/13-7/18 TBD 7-14 Adventure More info coming soon.  
Session 7 7/20-7/31 TBD 7-14 Discovery Deluxe More info coming soon.
Session 8 8/3-8/7 TBD 7-14 Adventure More info coming soon.  

Combine Multiple Sessions with Fusion Weekends

Extend the camp magic with our Fusion Weekends. Campers can add days to their camp experience or connect weeks of camp! Every Fusion Weekend will include on-site camping, a swimming trip, and other special activities. Laundry will be available.

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Fusion A 6/13-6/15 TBD
Fusion B 6/20-6/22 TBD
Fusion C 7/11-7/13 TBD
Fusion D 7/18-7/20 TBD

Lodging Options

Snake River Village - Rustic Canvas Tents

Get a unique camp experience and stay in one of our authentic canvas wall tents, adjacent to the beautiful Snake River. Our tents are on raised, wooden platforms and each camper gets a cot and room to store their equipment. The tents are a short walk from bathrooms, showers, and have their very own campfire pit. Each tent sleeps five campers and one Counselor Assistant. Two counselors sleep in a tent in the center of each tent village. Campers of any age can choose this option. This is a great opportunity to guarantee that siblings, family members, and good friends can be together in a tent and trail group. Availability is limited – register early! Choose this option during registration.

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  • snake-river-village

Log-Style Dormitories

Residential campers will stay in one of our log-style dormitories, featuring bunk beds, restrooms with showers, and a community space. There are two dormitories, Bighorn Dorm and the Henry Dorm. Both dorms are located right in the center of campus near Rives Dining Hall. Each room sleeps four campers and there are eight rooms in each dorm. Counselors stay in a room off of the community space. Rooms are assigned based on age and grade. We will do our best to accommodate up to two roommate requests per session, but we cannot guarantee roommates.

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Drop Off, Pick Up, and Alternate Arrival Options

KSS Drop-off and Pick-Up

Coming Soon.

Morrison Drop-off and Pick-Up

Meet Keystone Science School counselors at the T-Rex Park and Ride in Morrison. Be sure to select the Morrison Drop-Off and Pick-Up within the registration options.

  • Fee: TBD
  • Drop Off: 10:00am-10:30am
  • Pick Up: 1:30pm-2:00pm
DEN Airport Arrival and Departure

Travel by plane to Denver International Airport. We’ll be sure they are greeted by a KSS Counselor when they get off the plane. We send our counselors behind the TSA security checkpoints to greet each child directly at the airline gate. Be sure to check the arrival or departure option within the registration and book your camper’s travel to arrive and depart within the specified time windows.

  • Fee: TBD
  • Arrival: DEN between 7:00am-9:00am
  • Departure: DEN between 2:00pm-4:00pm

Sample Schedule

  • Monday
    Welcome to Camp

    Drop Off
    Welcome to Camp
    Scavenger Hunt
    Move in, Unpack, Group Games
    Cabin Time, Candle Chat Group Discussion, Optional Astronomy
    Lights Out

  • Tuesday
    Discovery Day

    Sunrise Celebration
    Discovery Hike, Lunch on Trail
    Feet of the Floor Rest Hour and Snack
    Camp Activities: Tie Dye, Archery, Arts & Crafts, Science, Sports
    Big Group Game
    Cabin Time
    Lights Out

  • Wednesday
    Wilderness Backpacking & Camping

    Wilderness Group Packing and Preperations
    Wilderness Adventure
    Lunch on Trail
    Set Up Camp Site
    Learn Wilderness Skills
    Tent Talks, Candle Chat Group Discussion
    Lamps Out

  • Thursday
    Challenge Hikes

    Wake Up, Breakfast, Pack up Camp, Begin Challenge Hike
    Celebrate Success Group Discussion
    Return to Camp
    Feet off the Floor Rest Hour
    Mellow Meadow: Archery, Free Play
    All-Camp Photos
    Science Investigation
    Cabin Time
    Lights Out

  • Friday
    Adventure Day

    Leave for Climbing or Rafting Adventure
    Return to Camp, Feet off the Floor Rest Hour
    Theme Costume Dinner
    All-Camp Photos
    Camper Talent Show
    Cabin Closing Ceremony, Camper Awards
    All-Camp Closing Ceremony
    Lights Out

  • Saturday
    See You Again Soon

    Cabin & Camp Clean Up
    Big Group Game
    Parents Arrive
    School Store Open

    Fusion Weekend Begins - Connect multiple sessions and make camp last as long as you want!

Keystone Science School is American Camp Association Accredited

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Need Help Registering for Camp?

Whether this is your first time registering your child for Camp or you are a returning parent, we are here to help answer questions and navigate the registration process with you. From fusing overnight program sessions together with Fusion Weekends to our purchased lunch options for day camps, our programs are flexible to fit your schedule. Get in touch with us today!

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