School Break Camp – Ages 5-17


Our school break camps are specifically designed day camp programs taking place during school vacations. Each program has a unique theme combining science, adventure, and FUN! Campers can attend for a day or the full week and some of the sessions include an overnight option for a unique camp experience.


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Session Dates & Rates

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Winter Break Camp: Session 1 12/27-12/28, 2018 $65/Day 5-10
CAPs 11-17
Experience the magic of summer camp in a winter wonderland! Campers will explore the uniqueness of every snowflake and the wild winter weather of Summit County.
Winter Break Camp: Session 2
Optional Overnight (Jan 3rd)
1/2-1/4, 2019 $159/Session or $65/Day 5-10
CAPs 11-17
Come prepared to play in the snow! This week campers will learn the ins and outs of snow pits, including snow layers, snow metamorphosis, snow-water equivalency, and SnOw much more.
February Break Camp 2/25-3/1, 2019 $269/Week or $65/Day 5-10
CAPs 11-17
March Break Camp
Friday & Monday
3/22 & 3/25, 2019 $65/Day 5-10
CAPs 11-17
April Break Camp 4/15-4/19, 2019 $269/Week or $65/Day 5-10
CAPs 11-17
Harvest Day Camp 10/25-10/28, 2019 $99/Sesson or $65/Day 5-10
CAPs 11-17

Winter Break Camp - Optional Overnight - January 3rd

$85 - Available as Option During Registration

All Winter Break Day Campers have the option of spending the night at KSS. This is an opportunity for campers to get comfortable and further develop their independence. Each overnight includes dinner, fun activities, movie, and breakfast before another exciting day begins.

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Winter Break Camp - Counselor Assistant Program

Ages 11-17

CAPs will have the opportunity to work with our younger day campers and develop their leadership skills, serve as role models, and make a difference in the lives of others. CAPs assist with activity implementation, group management, and experience what being a leader at camp is all about.

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