Session 1: June 11-29, 2018  (Session Duration = Three Weeks, Monday through Friday)

Session 1 Community Day (Fridays) = Swim Lessons at the Silverthorne Recreation Center

Week 1: June 11-15 , Rocky Mountain ROCKS! Don’t Take It For-Granite

Join us for a ROCK’in good time as we explore the wonders of the Rocky Mountain landforms and landscapes.

Adventure Day = Capital Prize Mine Tour & Gold-Panning: Georgetown, CO

Week 2: June 18-22, Pirates and Pixies

Arrr you ready for an awesome time? This week we will explore the bottoms of lakes and rivers and learn about all of the critters within. You will be hooked on aquatics after this wet and wild week.

Adventure Day = Beaver Ponds Environmental Education Center: Fairplay, CO

Week 3: June 25-29, Play it Physic-COOL! Jump Around

Jump up, Jump up, and get down! Explore why things go up and must come down. This week campers will learn about Newton’s laws of motion, gravity, and physics while bouncing their own bodies around.

Adventure Day = JumpStreet: Lakewood, CO

NO CAMP July 2nd, 2018- July 6th, 2018

Session 2: July 9-27, 2018  (Session Duration = Three Weeks, Monday through Friday)

Session 2 Community Day (Fridays) = Breck Create

Week 1: July 9-13, Race Through Space! A Cosmic Journey

Suit up and strap in for an adventure in a galaxy far far away. Find the answers to all your night sky questions through planets, stars, black holes, and supernovas. This week will be truly out of this world!

Adventure Day = Denver Museum of Nature & Science/Planetarium: Denver, CO

Week 2: July 16-20, Summit County Survivor

Get into your best survivor mode as we learn about wilderness safety and compete in survival challenges. Get ready to redefine adventure!

Adventure Day = Leadville Fish Hatchery & Recreation Area: Leadville, CO

Week 3: July 23-27, Zoomania!

Campers will learn about the wonders of Summit County wildlife and discover what helps animals live in this high-altitude mountain environment while gaining an appreciation for the natural world.

Adventure Day = Denver Zoo Live Animals Presentations @ Silverthorne Elementary School

Session 3: July 30-Aug. 17, 2018  (Session Duration = Three Weeks, Monday through Friday)

Session 3 Community Day (Fridays) = Breckenridge Rec Center Climbing Wall

Week 1: July 30-August 3, A Prehistoric ShinDIG

Adventure back in time when the dinosaurs roamed our earth. Become a junior paleontologist through a hands-on trek. Campers will dig for fossils, touch real dinosaur bones, and hike a prehistoric dinosaur trail.

Adventure Day = Dinosaur Ridge Tours: Morrison, CO

Week 2: August 6-10, We Like to Move it, Move IT!

How fast can you run? How high can you jump? Discover human anatomy, explore the systems of your body and how food nourishes and energizes YOU. Will you leave camp with your name in the record books?

Adventure Day = TBD

Week 3: August 13-17, Celebration Sensation!

This final week of Summer CATCH Camp programming will be held at Keystone Science School. See “Transportation” tab for more detailed information.

Celebrate good times, come on! In addition to celebrating the beautiful outdoors, campers will end each day with a unique celebration: Luau, fiesta, or everybody’s birthday. This is Keystone Science School’s biggest summer send-off!

Adventure Day =Stephen C West Ice Arena: Breckenridge, CO