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COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

Last Modified: 3/30/2021

Keystone Science School is requiring each overnight camper to provide a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours of program participation. A camper without proof of negative COVID-19 test is not permitted to participate in programming.

Keystone Science School utilizes an experienced team to define and implement COVID-19 best practices, including our Child Care Health Consultant, Program Team, and Safety Manager. We are proud of our risk management practices during our Day Camp and School Year Programs in 2020. It is through this success that we feel optimistic and excited to run overnight programs in 2021. In response to the pandemic, we track guidance from county, state, CDC, and health experts to inform our risk management during programming. The following COVID-19 policies and procedures are continually updated as cases and guidance change.



Informed Decision Making on COVID-19 Risk Management

Our Safety Manager and Child Care Health Consultant closely track the following resources to inform Keystone Science School’s decisions on how to best facilitate programming during this pandemic:




Keystone Science School is hard at work planning our 2021 summer camp. With a successful and COVID-19-free day camp in 2020, our team is balancing informed decision-making with industry best practices to implement health and safety-conscious programming in 2021.

Our goal is to: offer day, residential, and expedition programming while upholding high health and safety standards for our campers, staff, camp families, and our larger community.

We are developing programs based on what we know today with the understanding that things will change. We’ll do our best to communicate when those changes occur to keep all of our camp families informed. As much as possible, we’ll remain flexible and open to possibilities for programming to ensure our campers have the best possible summer experience.

Some of the assumptions we’ve made in planning for Summer 2021 are:

  • For overnight programming, we have accommodations to sleep each child 6 feet or more from each other.
  • KSS is planning transportation scenarios that either anticipate the need to: physically distance in 15 passenger vans and/or utilizing maximum occupancy while wearing masks.
  • KSS will be serving food to cohorts at staggered times to minimize exposure.
  • It is likely that the majority of our staff will have the opportunity to be vaccinated prior to the summer.
  • It is unlikely that our camper population will be vaccinated prior to the summer.
  • It is likely that improved diagnostic testing will be available for the 2021 summer.



Before Coming to KSS

Keystone Science School has always viewed risk management as a partnership between guardians, participants, and staff. In this effort, it is important to keep those showing symptoms of illness at home. For our overnight programming, it is best to observe your child for illness at least 7 days before attending your program start date.

  • Each camper must provide documentation of a negative COVID-19 PCR test within 72 hours (3 days) of attending camp. It is the family’s responsibility to acquire the test within this 3 day time period prior to camp, and produce the results. Campers will not be admitted without a negative test result, and will not be admitted if the test was taken more than 3 days before the start of programming. We require families to self-isolate between the time of testing and the start of their session to reduce the chance of exposure. Learn More
  • Parents must work with their registered camper to complete all necessary paperwork and review all documentation on the Get Ready For Camp webpage.
  • All guardians will be asked to follow Colorado’s guidelines, Illness Policy - How Sick is Too Sick (PDF), when assessing their child’s ability to participate in programming.




Keystone Science School is continually reviewing all program practices and protocols with the goal of limiting the spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19. We have adopted COVID-19 protocols into all aspects of our programming. Below is a list of our core practices:

  • Facial Coverings - We require all participants to wear facial coverings while attending our programs. Our staff will instruct participants when they can remove their masks.
  • Physical Distancing - Throughout programming, we will be striving to maintain 6-feet of physical distance. This includes within the dorms and sleeping areas.
  • Daily Health Screens - At the start of each program session there will be a health screen through a brief survey and temperature check. Each day, participants will receive a temperature check and be requested to share if any health conditions changed from the previous day.
  • Hygiene - At the beginning of each program there will be a comprehensive lesson on handwashing and hygiene best practices. Our staff will continue to coach participants striving for high standards.
  • Group Size and Cohorts - All programs will maintain small group sizes as mandated by CDPHE. All activities will be facilitated in exclusive groups, called cohorts, for the duration of the program day.
  • Cleaning and Sanitation - KSS has always prided itself on our disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitization practices. While we will continue to maintain these high standards, we have increased disinfection and sanitation frequency within all shared spaces and program supplies.
  • Program Location & Public Interaction - KSS has shifted some programming activities and will limit experiences that take place in “uncontrolled” public spaces such as museums, recreation centers, or libraries. We will continue to hike and participate in outdoor activities with physical distancing protocols in place to limit the interaction with other outdoor recreationists.
  • Food Service - KSS has removed all family-style meal services from programming. All meals will be served buffet style or will include foods that are individually wrapped for participants and staff.