COVID-19 Policies and Protocols

Last Modified: 7/29/2020

Keystone Science School maintains strict policies and procedures to ensure the health and safety of each participant. In response to the pandemic, we updated our protocols to limit the exposure of the COVID-19 virus within our community. We are continually updating the following health and safety policies and procedures specific to mitigating the spread of COVID-19.



Guidance & Support

During the onset of COVID-19, Keystone Science School promptly set up an internal task force to gather information from governmental agencies, professional associations, and third-party consultants to guide all decisions made throughout the management of this crisis.



Before Coming to KSS

Keystone Science School has always viewed risk management as a partnership between parents, participants, and staff. In that effort, we have updated our pre-program protocols to include the following aspects with the provided resources.



Updated Program Protocols

Keystone Science School is continually reviewing all program practices and protocols with the goal of limiting the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. We have adopted several new protocols and we will continue to develop new practices and protocols as new guidelines are presented.

  • Group Size - All programs will maintain group sizes of no more than 15 campers. All activities will be facilitated in these exclusive groups for the duration of the program session.
  • Program Location & Public Interaction - KSS has shifted programming activities and will no longer participate in experiences that take place in “uncontrolled” public spaces such as museums, recreation centers, or libraries. We will continue to hike and participate in outdoor activities with strict social distancing protocols in place to limit the interaction with other outdoor recreationists.
  • Cleaning and Sanitation - KSS has always prided itself on our cleaning and sanitization protocols. While we will continue to maintain these high standards, we have increased sanitation within all shared spaces and program supplies. We are also developing schedules that allow time to sanitize between activities.
  • Food Service - KSS has removed all family-style meal service from programming. All meals will be served buffet style or will include foods that are individually wrapped for participants and staff.
  • Program & Daily Health Screens - At the start of each program session there will be a health screen through a brief survey and temperature check. Each day, participants will receive a temperature check and be requested to share if any health conditions changed from the previous day.
  • Hygiene and Sanitization - At the beginning of each program there will be a comprehensive lesson on handwashing and social distance practices. These lessons will be revisited on an as-needed basis with each group.



Social Distancing & Masks

Research shows that the best method of risk management is social distancing. We understand that maintaining 6’ of separation among our participants is a big challenge but we are implementing several procedures to limit exposure which includes:

  • Limit all groups to no more than 15 participants.
  • Provide parents the opportunity to gather their own group.
  • Maintain programming within the designated groups with no interaction from other KSS groups.
  • Establish schedules allowing for sanitization of any shared programmatic supplies.
  • Follow current CDC guidelines with regards to the wearing of masks. We will be requiring all participants and staff to wear masks throughout programming if masks are a current recommendation.



Staff Protocols

Several practices and protocols have been established to ensure the health and safety of all staff members and instructors. Some of the new protocols in place include:

  • Pre-employment Health Screen - Staff will go through a comprehensive health screen.
  • Daily Health Screen - Each staff member will complete a temperature and health screen at the start of each day.
  • Masks - All KSS staff members will follow the guidelines recommended by the CDC and follow the same rules shared with participants. Positive role modeling is important for all protocols and especially the wearing of masks.
  • Social Distancing - Staff will follow the current guidelines offered by the ACA and Colorado State licensing, and CDC recommendations.
  • Training - All staff members will receive ongoing support, coaching, and training from the KSS Safety Manager, Human Resources, and outside agencies.



Mandated Closure Refund Policy

Per rules of Colorado State licensure, KSS will be mandated to close for a 24-hour period if a positive case of COVID-19 is received within a participant or staff member participating in programing. In the event of a mandated closure due to a positive test of COVID-19, KSS will provide a full refund for all missed program days. Any refunds will in the amount which was paid and will not include amounts provided as a scholarship or other discounts. Please note that a refund will not be provided for partial days missed due to a mandated closure.