COVID-19 Program Updates & Protocols

Updated September 18th, 2020 - The KSS team has been hard at work to put together clear, detailed, and relevant information to guide your decision to join us for programs. Recognizing that things may need to change again in the evolving COVID-19 environment, we believe these options present safe alternatives to our traditional programs.


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Program Updates

School Year Support

Keystone Science School is offering full-day in-person programming to support students’ virtual learning curriculum in a structured environment. In addition to academic support, this program is designed to help students get outside and active while socializing with their peers, having fun, and observing health and safety guidelines. We are excited to offer new, closer, locations in Summit County. Announcements will be made as soon as they become available. To stay up to date on all programs please sign up for our email list.

Year-Round Programs

Due to government restrictions and our confidence to safely host overnight programs, Keystone Science School is suspending all overnight programs through the end of the calendar year 2020 which includes Girls in STEM, Harvest Camp, Beyond the Classroom, Legacy Camp, H2O Outdoors. To stay up to date on all programs please sign up for our email list.

2021 Summer Camp & Expeditions

We are currently planning for Summer 2021 and hope to make announcements soon. To stay up to date on all programs please sign up for our email list.

After School CATCH

Due to several factors related to COVID-19 protocols, KSS is unable to offer the After School CATCH program at this time. In partnership with the Summit School District, we will continue to evaluate the potential for programming, and will communicate any updates. We will communicate any updates via email. To stay up to date on all programs please sign up for our email list.

Events - Sipping for Science

Keystone Science School's annual Sipping for Science event has gone virtual as a wine auction, September 25th-27th! Sipping for Science is usually a fantastic in-person event at Keystone Ranch. While we had to say goodbye to our beloved in-person format, Robbie’s Tavern, The Canteen, and Spire Collection stepped up to support KSS by donating over $7,000 in premium wines so we can host a wine auction in support of our Scholarship Fund and Resiliency and Restart Fund. Learn More



Health, Safety, and Staffing

Our top priority is your child’s safety at KSS. We continue to evolve our protocols as we receive information and recommendations from governmental agencies that include, but are not limited to, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Summit County Government, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the American Camp Association.

Please refer to our COVID-19 Policies and Protocols and Program Health and Safety page for in-depth details on these policies.

Our risk management policies and guidelines will continue to develop as new research and governmental guidelines are presented.



Resiliency and Restart Fund – Aiding our Response, Fueling our Restart

Using the scientific process to gather data and evaluate ideas is a skill that we know is important for changing lives and strengthening communities. Considering the many challenges of the pandemic reveals how essential it is to understand science and to use critical thinking as our guide to problem-solving.

We launched our Resiliency and Restart Fund in late-March with a small group of our donors to support our resilience during the crisis and our ability to restart our efforts when the phases of the pandemic allow. Donations to the fund go to our General Operations to support our nimble response to the emerging issues of the pandemic. Donors, grantors, and sponsors have united to contribute to our Resiliency and Restart Fund to ensure our mission will survive, our purpose will thrive, and we will make it through this pandemic stronger and better prepared for the future.

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Latest Update - 10/2/2020

At the end of our summer season, we celebrated impacting over 318 campers, without one positive case of COVID-19. We celebrated our ability to change our program design and implementation to adjust to new health and safety guidelines, almost on a daily basis. We celebrated our courage and determination to make a difference in our community, for families and campers to regain a tiny sense of normalcy in an upside-down reality. We are resilient and creative and deeply committed to our work.

Our update at the end of July shared news of the great work we were doing to support our community through day camp programming. It also shared our decision to suspend all overnight programming through at least the end of 2020. With that decision, and the unlikely return to ‘normalcy’ in this school year, we’ve had to adjust once again.

With revenues down by over 40% against our original budget, and with minimal programming opportunities, the writing was on the wall to do what we have gratefully avoided throughout the pandemic – reduce our staff size to significantly pare down expenses. Our hearts are heavy, but we recognize this is the only path forward to sustain operations at KSS throughout the school year and to prepare for Summer 2021.

Throughout this time, KSS will continue to facilitate its current school year programming offerings. We know these programs are providing critical support to families in our community and we’re grateful we can help. We’ll also spend time designing a summer season that will offer as much KSS magic in a 3-month period as COVID allows. And, to set KSS up for success when we all emerge from the pandemic, we will focus on specific projects that strengthen our foundation; projects like our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work or improving our software interfaces, both internally and externally. No matter what projects we point our focus to, we know that KSS will be stronger when programming ramps up once again.

This is all possible because of the dedication and hard work of our instructors, our year-round admin team, our program staff, and our board members. Your trust in us to make your child’s experience an impactful and educational one allows us to meet our mission to change lives and strengthen communities. Your investment in our Resiliency and Restart Fund provides the financial platform for us to confidently go into this next chapter. It will take your continued financial support, your thoughtful words of encouragement, and your ongoing belief in our mission to get us there.

We feel your support and we know you’re there cheering us along. Thank you.