FAQs for Educators

Are your programs only for STEM teachers?

KSS Educator programs are interdisciplinary. While the curricula focuses on STEM subjects like ecology, biology, chemistry, physics, and engineering, the heart of our framework is based on developing 21st Century skills such as nonbiased inquiry, teamwork, leadership, and conflict resolution. Having a cross-disciplinary team of teachers attend is encouraged by many sponsors as it not only strengthens their experience, but also their implementation upon return to their classrooms. We have found that language arts, visual arts, social studies, and history teachers along with science and math teachers all bring unique perspectives, valuable information, and creative strategies to our programs. For that reason we don’t just accept, but strongly encourage participation across all academic disciplines.

To what standards do your curricula align?

Educator programs' interdisciplinary curricula is aligned with National Education Standards including Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, while promoting a collaborative approach to sustainable decision making. 

How do I get access to the online Curricula?

With a one-time $50 subscription fee you receive a lifetime membership with unlimited access to all Keystone Science School curricula materials, lesson plans, and videos.

The first step is to register online. Then we will contact you to collect payment via credit card. Access will be activated, and you will be notified, within two business days of payment receipt. If you prefer to mail a check, please make the check payable to Keystone Science School and mail to: 
ATTN: Educator Programs - Curricula Site
1053 Soda Ridge Road
Keystone, CO 80435

How do I find a sponsor for Key Issues Institute?

Please contact Educator Programs at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (970) 468-2098 as soon as possible to voice your interest. We will be able to direct you to existing sponsorships in your area or provide the tools to apply for an independent sponsorship. Sponsorship is not guaranteed, so it is also in your best interest to begin looking at what funding might be available through your school district or state, or a national grant that will sponsor professional development in environment, sustainability, or STEM subjects. We are able to support you through this process by providing you with relevant tools such as grant language, budget information, etc.
We are flexible and ready to help get you here!

I am interested in hosting a workshop in my city. How do I get started?

Please contact us as soon as possible to voice your interest, share your vision, and discuss which program might be right for you. We will also be able to connect you with existing sponsors in your area or help you recruit sponsors if none currently exist. The cost depends on how many teachers you’d like to attend and the logistics around our various traveling workshops. We are flexible and ready to bring any of our workshops to your school, your district, or your town, and to positively impact your community!