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Key Issues Institute

Climate Status Investigations

Students for Sustainable Cities

Key Issues River Testing main pageBringing current environmental issues to the classroom CSI using lab equip webExplore the issues of global climate change SSC webLearn how the ways environmental health, social well-being and economic vitality are interconnected


Delaware Watershed Mystery

Green Chemistry

Water Sustainability

DWM smallInstructions about the process of investigating current and local environmental issues in a non-biased manner Green Chem smallExploring the importance of balancing the need to manufacture sustainable products Key Issues Water TestingUnderstanding the importance of fresh water sustainabilty

Curricula include:

Key Issues Institute: Bringing environmental issues to the classroom

CSI: Climate Status Investigation: Exploring the issues of global climate change through stakeholder roles

SSC: Students for Sustainable Cities: Connecting teachers and students to local community members to work toward sustainability

Deleware Watershed Mystery: Combining classroom time with outdoor exploration to investigate environmental issues

Green Chemistry: Learning to balance the need to discover and manufacture products while conserving and sustaining our resources

Talkin’ Trash with ABCs (Aluminum Beverage Cans): Learning the scientific and environmental concerns around the development and use of packing

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