Keystone, Colorado: Climbing & Basic Mountaineering - July 27-31

Summer Expedition

In every mountain climbed there is a life lesson learned. This expedition will start with a few days of technical rock climbing— learning the ropes (and knots and technique)— before beginning several days of mountain summit attempts of the iconic 14er duo of Greys and Torreys, and 13er Grizzly Peak. Along the way, we will be both base camping and wilderness camping while learning outdoor, cooking, camping and leave no trace skills.

Students with any experience level, aged 12-13, will find growth and challenge in this program. The duration and focus on traveling in the backcountry provides an opportunity to be exposed to foundational outdoor living skills while learning how leadership can be applied to their life beyond this expedition. Mentorship is an important aspect of an expedition. Every student will be provided individual coaching to further their skills.


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Keystone, Colorado

Keystone, Colorado sits nestled at 9,000ft in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado along the Continental Divide and is the home base of the Keystone Science School. With quick access to the Gore Range, Mosquito Range, and Sawatch Range there is no shortage of mountain adventures to embark upon. The Blue River, Snake River, Tenmile Creek and Dillon Reservoir provide opportunity for water adventures and aquatic ecology. We’re lucky to call such an amazing place our home and we’re excited to share it with you!

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Rock climbing is the art or moving up or along natural rock formations with the use of specialized gear— like sticky-rubber climbing shoes, harnesses, ropes, and anchors. It’s can be both physically and mentally demanding as it requires both endurance and agility to overcome the obstacles and puzzles that the climbing path presents. A rock climber is tethered through an anchor to a belayer— someone who is holding taut the other end of the rope. With safety systems in place, rock climbing is a fun and rewarding sport that is as difficult as you want it to be, and as safe as any other outdoor activity.


Basic Mountaineering

While we won’t be donning ice axes, ropes, and crampons, the alpine environment above treeline presents unique challenges and requires specialized skills to navigate properly and summit mountain peaks.

Arrival & Departure Options

KSS Drop-off and Pick-Up
  • Drop Off: 10am
  • Pick Up: 1pm (Expedition Farewell)
  • Directions
Morrison Drop-off and Pick-Up

Meet Keystone Science School counselors at the T-Rex Park and Ride in Morrison. Be sure to select the Morrison Drop-Off and Pick-Up within the registration options.

  • Fee: $45 (Each Way)
  • Drop Off: 10:00am-10:30am
  • Pick Up: 1pm-1:30pm
  • Directions
DEN Airport Arrival and Departure

Travel by plane to Denver International Airport. We’ll be sure they are greeted by a KSS Counselor when they get off the plane. We send our counselors behind the TSA security checkpoints to greet each child directly at the airline gate. Be sure to check the arrival or departure option within the registration and book your camper’s travel to arrive and depart within the specified time windows.

  • Fee: $80 (Each Way)
  • Arrival: DEN between 7:00am-9:00am
  • Departure: DEN between 2:00pm-4:00pm

Keystone Science School is American Camp Association Accredited

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