Steamboat: Kayaking & Paddleboarding - June 15-20

Base Camp Expeditions

The snow is melting and it’s time to play in the rivers and replenished lakes across Colorado. After beginning with a group orientation and gear check at the KSS campus, we will head north toward Yampa River Valley to set up camp. We will spend the next few days in kayaks, learning technical skills and exploring the river valley. After kayaking, we will stretch our legs on stand-up paddleboards, learning the skills to navigate and propel ourselves on this fairly new water sport. Before heading back to KSS, we will set ourselves out to dry on a hike and maybe get a chance to visit a rejuvenating hot spring.

Students with any experience level, aged 12-14, will find growth and challenge in this program. This expedition is designed to expose students to new outdoor and wilderness skills while learning how leadership can be applied to their life beyond this expedition. Mentorship is an important aspect of an expedition. Every student will be provided individual coaching to further their skills.


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Steamboat, Colorado

The Yampa Valley in Northern Colorado is rich with history from the Ute tribes hunting the region to the early fur trappers, and eventually mining and ranching settlements. Animals and adventures alike benefit from the natural geothermal hot springs which dot the area. The Yampa River cuts through the valley, and is our stage for different water activities.

canyon country 2



A quintessential way of exploring our natural environment, kayaking dates back almost 4,000 years and involve a small covered-deck boat that one or two people sit in and use double-sided ores to propel themselves forward. There are types of kayaks that are open and meant to sit on top of, or kayaks that are fully enclosed with a spray skirt— the type of water dictates which type of kayak is most appropriate. Kayaking can be both relaxing and exhilarating and is easy to learn but difficult to master.



A fun way to explore and play on the water paddleboarding is an increasingly popular adventure sport. Stand-up paddleboarding, or SUPing, is an outdoor aquatic activity that involves standing on a long surfboard and using a paddle to navigate and move around the lake, or down the lazy river. It’s very easy to learn and it’s also a great workout!

Arrival & Departure Options

KSS Drop-off and Pick-Up
  • Drop Off: 10am
  • Pick Up: 1pm (Expedition Farewell)
  • Directions
Morrison Drop-off and Pick-Up

Meet Keystone Science School counselors at the T-Rex Park and Ride in Morrison. Be sure to select the Morrison Drop-Off and Pick-Up within the registration options.

  • Fee: $45 (Each Way)
  • Drop Off: 10:00am-10:30am
  • Pick Up: 1pm-1:30pm
  • Directions
DEN Airport Arrival and Departure

Travel by plane to Denver International Airport. We’ll be sure they are greeted by a KSS Counselor when they get off the plane. We send our counselors behind the TSA security checkpoints to greet each child directly at the airline gate. Be sure to check the arrival or departure option within the registration and book your camper’s travel to arrive and depart within the specified time windows.

  • Fee: $80 (Each Way)
  • Arrival: DEN between 7:00am-9:00am
  • Departure: DEN between 2:00pm-4:00pm

Keystone Science School is American Camp Association Accredited

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