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We believe in empowering girls by engaging them in hands-on, real-world activities to show STEM is relevant and fun in an ever-changing world. Female STEM professionals support each program and student by giving them guidance to navigate a male-dominated workforce. This program is open to any female student currently enrolled in 3rd-12th grade with a differentiated curriculum for each grade.


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2019-2020 Dates & Rates

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Film Festival 9/20-9/22 $175
($50 Scholarship)
In partnership with Breckenridge Film Festival, participating girls will learn about careers within the film industry as they produce their own short films.
Veterinary Science 11/1-11/3 $175
(*$50 Scholarship)
Explore all of the careers within the field of veterinary science. Students will also learn the basics of how to care for the health and well-being of domestic and farm animals.
Yoga & Nutrition
2/28 $30
(*$5 Scholarship)
Learn about the human body and everything that goes into staying healthy through lessons of yoga and nutrition plus get a better understanding of careers within yoga and nutrition.
Civil Engineering & Wildlife Corridors 4/10-4/12 $175
(*$50 Scholarship)
Learn about all aspects of civil engineering through the prototyping of wildlife bridges to support wildlife travel across roadways.
Physics of Flight
4/25 $30
(*$5 Scholarship)
Learn all about basic physics and engineering career paths within jet propulsion. Students will be given a scenario before being tasked to build rockets which will be tested and refined throughout the prototyping process. Details

* - Scholarships are awarded to those who express economic need and a passion for the program.

Why We Need Girls in STEM

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According to the National Education Association, “girls who learn in all-girl environments are believed to be more comfortable responding to questions and sharing their opinions in class and more likely to explore more ‘nontraditional’ subjects such as math, science, and technology.” Read More


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Female STEM professionals support each program and student by giving them guidance to navigate a male-dominated workforce. Volunteer for a program!

High School Mentors

The Girls in STEM High School Mentors program is open to any students currently in 9-12th grade and is designed to encourage continued engagement within STEM. Our High School Mentors serve as role models for our younger Girls in STEM participants while also participating in a specialized curriculum aimed at developing leadership skills, increase self-awareness and confidence, and learning about STEM career paths. Our High School Mentors can participate in our Girls in STEM weekend programs for $50 and our day programs for $5.

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girls in stem hs mentors

Program Donors

We are so thankful for all the corporate, foundational, and individual supporters of our Girls in STEM program. If you are interested in supporting this program please contact Development Director, Kristin Williams. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (970)513-5833.

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