Girls in STEM - Veterinary Science

Girls in STEM: Veterinary Science will explore all of the careers within the field. Students will also learn the basics of how to care for the health and well-being of domestic, farm, and exotic animals. Students will receive a behind the scenes perspective during a tour and visit to the Denver Aquarium and listen to presentations from current female professionals working in veterinary clinics. Throughout the weekend girls will learn about basic anatomy and the challenges when working with animals to keep them healthy.


When: 11/1-11/3, 2019
Who: Girls, Grades 3rd to 12th
Where: Keystone Science School
Rate: $175
(includes lodging, meals, programming, and use of supplies and technology)
Scholarships Available for $50 and are awarded to those who express economic need and a passion for the program.

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Sample Schedule

Please note that this program schedule may change based on the availability of our STEM Mentors.

Friday, November 1st
6-6:30pm Arrival & Program
7pm STEM Mentor Presentation
Saturday, November 2nd
8am Breakfast
9am STEM Mentor Presentation and Career Learning
9:30am Denver Aquarium Behind the Scenes: Careers and Practice
6pm Dinner
7pm STEM Mentor Presentation
Sunday, November 3rd
8am Breakfast
9am Animal Anatomy & First Aid
1pm Pick-up

STEM Mentors

Elise Scanlan
Dr. Caroline Cervelli, DVM, MS

After growing up in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania, Dr. Caroline Cervelli moved to Colorado to attend veterinary school. She obtained her Bachelor’s in Biological Science, Master’s in Biomedical Sciences, and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Colorado State University. Dr. Cervelli has a passion for preventative medicine, dentistry, surgery, and exotic animal care.

Elise Scanlan
Denver Aquarium

Participants in this program will get a behind-the-scenes tour of Denver Aquarium and a presentation from a Marine Biologist.

High School Mentors

The Girls in STEM High School Mentors program is open to any students currently in 9-12th grade and is designed to encourage continued engagement within STEM. Our High School Mentors serve as role models for our younger Girls in STEM participants while also participating in a specialized curriculum aimed at developing leadership skills, increase self-awareness and confidence, and learning about STEM career paths. Our High School Mentors can participate in our Girls in STEM weekend programs for $50 and our day programs for $5.

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girls in stem hs mentors

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