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Health & Safety

Keystone Science School works to manage risks while allowing participants to push their physical boundaries. We believe risk management is a partnership between our parents, participants, and KSS staff members. This process begins before a participant sets foot on the campus. Some of our internal systems and risk management strategies are outlined within this page. For additional information about our practices and procedures please contact us.

Pre-Program Paperwork

We understand that there is a great deal of paperwork. Each piece of paperwork is carefully reviewed and allows our staff to make informed decisions throughout each program.

It is important to complete each piece of paperwork with as much detail as possible. If questions arise we may call prior to your program or have specific questions of clarification during the check-in process.

Medication Collection and Distribution

We partner with parents and physicians to provide medications to participants which are specifically identified on the completed paperwork. This includes prescription medicine, vitamins, over the counter medications, or homeopathic remedies. At the start of any program, we will collect any medications to be distributed.

Please make sure that all current medications are listed on the medication authorization form and are turned over to KSS in its original packaging. KSS will not accept any medication stored in a pillbox or any other form of repackaging.


Communication among parents and participants is not available throughout a program except during Summer Camp through our camper mail process. We have a strict no-phone home policy. Our instructors are in consistent communication with our administrative office.

When cell phone service is not available, our instructors carry satellite phones and regularly check in with KSS administrators. If a family emergency arises and you must contact the participant prior to the end of the program, please call Keystone Science School’s office at (970)468-2098.

On-Campus Medical Support & Staff Medical Credentials

Keystone Science School has an on-site health center available to participants 24-hours a day. Most Instructors are certified in a minimum of Wilderness First Aid (16 hour training) and CPR, and our program leaders are certified as Wilderness First Responders (80 hour training).


We understand the importance of food and food safety. Keystone Science School takes pride in our ability to meet the dietary restrictions of each child and participant who participates in programming. We deal with peanut, tree nut, gluten, and a wide variety of other restrictions on a daily basis. Throughout the entire year, we consider ourselves “nut aware” and do not purchase or prepare any food which was made from peanuts or a factory which handles peanuts.

Risk Management Consultants & Accreditation

Keystone Science School’s risk management practices are guided by several 3rd party organizations including the State of Colorado, American Camp Association, and a dedicated Child Care Health Consultant.

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