Overnight Programs

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Overnight Programs are multi-day outdoor and environmental education programs with a focus on field-based science. Overnight programs use our campus as a base camp while students get to explore the local high mountain environment. KSS is located at 9,280 feet above sea level in Keystone, Colorado which is only about an hour from Denver and centrally located to the Denver International Airport so that you can spend less time traveling and more time practicing field-based science.

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As a teacher, you get to define the goals for your overnight field trip experience. Whether you would like to choose a topic within environmental science, leadership development, or teambuilding we strive to meet whatever goal you define for your program. It is always our goal to have our programs serve as an extension of your classroom. Please review the Teaching Resources section of our website to get you thinking about the design of your next outdoor education program.

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The professional kitchen staff at KSS are experienced in accommodating any dietary restrictions or food allergies our participants might have. We are also able to meet Kosher requirements if desired. We partner with schools and parents in order to completely understand the needs of each individual student and prepare food based on each child’s needs. View our typical menu for a 3 day and 2-night program along with the individual ingredients. We encourage teachers and parents to review our menu and the contact us with any questions they may have.


We have two dorms on campus, Big Horn, and Henry. Each dorm has eight rooms for students and then one room for teacher and parent volunteers. In each dorm, there is a community room open to all those sleeping in that dorm. Adjacent to the community room there are men’s and women’s bathrooms with sinks, showers, and bathroom stalls. View a floor plan of the dorms. Each dorm can comfortably fit 32 students and 6 chaperones.  Depending on the group size, we can increase the student numbers to 40 students per dorm by putting cots or mattresses down on the floor of each room.