Sponsor the 2019 Summer of Curiosity

This year we’re launching a new opportunity for your business to connect to our Camp Families through sponsoring a week of Summer Camp. We designed three options to meet your marketing needs and goals. Click here to view the full 2019 Camp Sponsorship Guide. View the video below for a 2 minute summary of the opportunity.

camp sponsor levels

  • Logo Promotion on Camp T-Shirts, the KSS Website, and Weekly Camp Schedule
  • Two Customized Social Media Promotions
  • Verbal Thanks at the Week’s Family Night
  • Logo Promotion on Family Night Slideshow

Summer Camp History

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Since 1976, our Summer Camp programs have blended hands-on science with outdoor, experiential education to create the best summer camp experience for kids aged 4 to 17. The breadth of camp programs we offer ensures that kids find the perfect camp for their interests, experience, and goals for growth year after year. As kids progress through our camps they gain more advanced outdoor experiences, leadership opportunities, and scientific learnings.

Each week our Summer Camp runs seven camps: Disco, Day, Adventure, Keystone Mountain Adventure, Keystone Voyager, and NOVA. We offer 10 full weeks of camp each year.

2018 Impact and Reach of Camp
2018 Camp Demographics

Select a Week of Camp to Sponsor

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